Pulled Pork (sneaky) Sliders

Bright and tangy, savory and satisfying! Pulled ‘pork’ sliders tonight, with home made slaw and Uptons Naturals jackfruit instead of pork! So easy, and honestly so tasty! I served these with a side of roasted home fries (for the adults), and tortilla chips and guac (for the kiddos). The goal is to cook nourishing, cruelty free meals for our family and I feel like we absolutely achieved that tonight.

I started by wazzing up a small green cabbage in my food processor until the pieces were about dime sized, and then grated 2 carrots into the mix. To this, I added a home made dressing (1/2c vegan mayo + 2tbsp vinegar + 2tbsp grainy mustard + 2tbsp water + 1tbsp Sriracha + salt + pepper). Stir it all together and you have a quick slaw.

Up next came the Upton’s Naturals jackfruit. I used two packs to feed us (2 adults and 3 kids). I broke it up a bit in the package, then added it to a hot cast iron skillet after heating up some EVOO. Stir every few minutes, working to get any stuck bits off the bottoms. Once the liquid has cooked off and the jackfruit is starting to brown a bit, add in around 1/2c of whatever BBQ sauce your heart desires. I chose a dark smokey one (from the bottle! No shame!). Mix mix mix, then transfer to a pan for a quick broil to get some caramelization going.

Layer up the slaw + jackfruit on some delicious little slider buns, and enjoy the crunchy, tart, sweet, savoury delight. To your bun you could add on some vegan mayo, some more hot sauce, a vegan aeoli… or you could toast the buns, add grilled pineapple to the slaw, make your own spicy BBQ sauce… there are no limits to how many ways you could customize and nail this dinner! Enjoy!