SPUD, the source of all things awesome!

We have 3 kids, they each have 3 schedules, my husband has a demanding job, and I’m a part time student. Oh, and we’re trying to figure out this whole plant based/cruelty free life thing.

We’re busy.

Which means that meal planning and grocery shopping can often be some of the first things that get cut to prioritize things like, oh I don’t know, sleep. In comes SPUD (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery). Started in 1997 and with a mission to bring real, healthy, local food to their customers, SPUD delivers groceries to your door. Organic, fresh, local food right to your door step! Online shopping is a breeze, and the vast array of items to choose from means that you’ll find everything on your list (and likely some things that you didn’t know you needed!). In addition to bringing nourishing food to my home, shopping online with SPUD has resulted in a substantial decrease to our monthly food budget. Which, I know, is pretty crazy considering we’re buying mostly organic, mostly local, and in a volume to feed 5 hungry people.

If you want to give it a go, use this code (CRVIC-HARMEX) to get $20 off of your first order.

(And take it from me, ordering yourself a little salted caramel chocolate bar and hiding it up and out of children’s eyesight makes dinner prep a whole lot more pleasant.)