Mushroom Dumplings

I have an unnatural love for Asian flavours. Deep in my soul there is a little dish of soy sauce, with a side of grated ginger and a pile of chewy peanutty noodles. So when we decided to go all in on this plant based lifestyle, I said a tearful farewell to cheap, fast, delicious (pork) dumplings. It was, as it turns out, all for not because incredibly satisfying and delectable dumplings can be made AT HOME, and with MUSHROOMS! No meat necessary!

I followed the recipe put out on the internet by Mary’s Test Kitchen:


It was simple and used ingredients that we already had hanging out in our fridge. I’m not going to lie, this was not a whip it up in an hour kind of dish. But there was something deeply satisfying about wrapping the dumplings up, meditative almost, and the time flew by quickly.

So here we go!

I used a mix of button mushrooms, portobello, and some (almost too old) oyster mushrooms.

Chop chop chop chop. And then mixed them all together and chopped a bit more! You don’t want big chunks of mushrooms, just small pieces (no bigger than a pea).
I had wazzed a small green cabbage in the food processor beforehand, then added the cabbage and the mushrooms to a cast iron fry pan. I cooked this on medium high until the cabbage was soft and the mushrooms were cooked.
I added in two large garlic cloves that I’d grated on a small hand grater, and about 1 inch of ginger. I love the flavours of garlic and ginger so added more than the recipe called for.
I made a space in the pan and cooked the ginger and garlic on their own for about half a minute, before mixing them into the cabbage and mushroom. Taste test time (best part!) and I added in salt, pepper, and a splash of soy sauce. I then had to resist the urge to eat all of the filling before it had met a dumpling wrapper.
I set up an assembly line that included my filling (after it cooled in the fridge for a bit), dumpling wrappers, bowl of water, and a tray for my finished dumplings. If you’re like me, enlist the help of your newly 3 year old child. Let her sit on the counter in her PJs (it was 2pm) and encourage her unique style of folding. Curse softly as you try to master your own style of folding.
About a teaspoon of filling on the wrapper, edges wet with water.
I ended up pleating the dough back on itself. I don’t know if this is right, or wrong, or new, or old, but it worked for me!
Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and admire the beauty! Text photos of this accomplishment to everyone you know.
Once I was ready to cook them, I first added about 3tbsp of olive oil to a hot pan. Once the oil was hot, I arranged the dumplings around the pan and cooked them like this for about 3-4 minutes. Then I added enough water so that the dumplings were about 1/4 covered. I put the lid on and let them steam work its magic. The water had evaporated and the dumplings had a golden bottom about 8-10 minutes later.
I served them with homemade cucumber and avocado maki rolls, and miso soup. The dumplings were perfectly seasoned, absolutely delicious, and a big hit. The crisp bottom and the chew of the dumpling wrapper, combined with the gingery salty filling was just incredible. I’d absolutely recommend taking the time to make your own dumplings!